Official Raasta Merchandise

Inspired by the Rastafari culture, Raasta - the iconic hospitality brand from Delhi launches their own merchandise. The design philosophy of the line, brings in the many elements of the brand and has been designed by Nida Mahmood.
Nida Mahmood, has delved deep into the basic tenets of the Rastafari culture, and was inspired not just by the movement itself, but by the artistic ethos around the same. She has picked up elements from the art and music movement that originated from the culture itself. The designs itself bring in these elements in a blend of the contemporary with the culture. Each of the three designs brings in signature motifs from the Rastafari movement, from peace symbols, applet effects to phrases and sentences. The expression brings together the celebration of love, peace and freedom that defined the movement and made it a global cultural phenomenon. The colours are bright and bold, with one line in monochromatic shades of black and white and the spectrum in between. 
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