In the manic humdrum of life, we are expected to carry out several roles. From stepping into the shoes of being a responsible daughter, to taking care of an entire family as a dutiful father, each one of us has tremendous emotional responsibility to fulfil. Just when one settles down with this understanding, the idea of “marriage” surfaces.

We are conditioned all our lives to love our spouse. We are expected to respect the needs of their family, just as much we do for ours. This sense of owing love and comfort to others loosely translates as “emotional currency”. The usage of this currency is simple. We are asked to use emotion as a ‘transaction’ at various institutions including marriage, relationships, friendships with utmost sincerity. However, we tend to neglect the most important facet of this barter- the idea of loving oneself. We are expected to be a good “wife”, “husband”, “partner” but not good to ourselves.

We are trying to forge an attempt at reminding you, that loving yourself is where this emotional transaction begins. You cannot fulfil the emotional needs of others in your life, unless you begin at home- by loving yourself wholly and unconditionally. Nik Weds Nik is the fruit of labour of loving myself after having to deal with all possible negative thoughts and actions that may lead to untoward consequences. It’s an attempt where I would like to invite you to take a step further with me, as you begin to understand, that love begins when you start loving yourself.

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