Pets Simply Love Us!

We tried to imagine a world where pets didn't have a wardrobe, and it looked so so boring! So we took matters into our own hands and tried to spice up our furry friends' wardrobes with our all new Clothing and Accessories collection..... for Pets!

Our Pet Care products are made from all-organic, Pet-friendly fabrics and printed with all-organic Water Based Inks to keep it all natural, comfortable and breathable for your best bud! 

Our products are completely utilitarian in nature and designed, keeping in mind, the ease of access to the Pet Parents. Our products vary in features ranging from adjustable Velcro Straps to easy Snap Buttons to Anti Chafing Elastic Bands. All this to assure the best fit for our furry friends whilst making the lives of the Pet Parents, who have to help the pets wear these, a tad bit simpler!


Ruse is less of a brand and more of an idea, an idea that we express through our products. We believe, what makes our store unique is our never-ending experimental approach towards altering the conventional. In other words, consistently putting forth the unconventional.


Concepts and designs, inspired from ordinary, everyday life interactions, mirroring the outlook of the youth and trying to capture and connect with the relaxed, fun and easy-going spirit of this generation. Always striving to make everybody's experience with our products as much fun as possible!


Backed by over 25 years of manufacturing experience in clothing and accessories, the founders have a history of working with renowned global brands like Roxy, Quiksilver, Billabong, O'Neill and many many more. The idea is to blend that experience with modern day designs to create a perfect balance of reliability with fresh appeal. What sets us apart is our unconventional approach to product design paired with our hands-on approach to manufacturing, as we aspire to create a space through products and designs that we believe are meant to bridge the huge gap in the Pet Community.


Our end-to-end, in-house, quality setup ensures extremely high levels of quality assurance for all products. Trendy graphics, personalized customer service, building trust and dependability are some of the ways through which we provide seamless service and a great shopping experience. We strongly believe in delivering the perfect blend of quality and craftsmanship with love and strive to make the customers’ experience with our products an indelible one!


Trendy and quirky products, personalized custom printing and an entire line of Pet Apparel and Accessories are some of the unique products and services we deliver to our patrons.