How To Train Your Puppy

How To Train Your Puppy


As a new pet parent, the journey with your paw buddy is full of excitement, learning and so much fun. Training a puppy is a slice of cake if you know how to do it right! Many of us may have had a pet already and for some of you, it must be a first-hand experience. A well-trained puppy is not only adorable but also helps in its healthy development. Dogs are good at picking up instructions and they make for one of the best-tamed animals. It can get exhausting but with a little bit more patience you'll be able to train your puppy amazingly. Few people may have misconceptions that training a puppy is cruel or unnatural but it's not. Here are some reasons why you should train your pup:

- Helps in their overall development

- Improves their mental & physical wellbeing

- You can build a lovable bond by spending some quality time with them

- Makes them socially friendly - Improves their mood

We've noted down some handy tips for you to get you started on this awesome journey with your paw friend:

Make The Environment Comfortable

Make sure you start on the right foot, for the ball to be in your court. Provide your furry friend with a safe and happy environment when you're starting to train. Training them single-handedly is a great option too because your pup will have lesser distractions to fall for and will be able to focus entirely on your instructions.

Reward Them With Treats

Keep those nibbles handy while training your pup. Every time he/she makes progress, treat them with their favourite treats. This is the easiest and sure-shot way to train your puppy. But this requires patience and you gotta keep repeating the instructions with equal calm. until they get it right. And then it's treat time! Keep repeating this process every day, starting with the simplest gestures such as Sit, Stand, Hand Shake and Come.

(Verbally) Appreciation Goes A Long Way

Think of your puppy as a little friend who can grasp your verbal commands and love. When you feel confident and loving, your pup will eventually start to respond to your instructions. Make it verbal- "Good Boy!", "Good Girl!", "Well Done", and "That's amazing!", are expressions that'll take you a long way. Dogs understand the tone and vibe of your expressions as well as words and they can decode emotions using their sixth sense.

Make A Routine

Keep designated areas for your pup's meal times, play times and poop times. This way they will start to understand routine and will automatically begin to understand your instructions as well. Making a routine for them will support your training sessions in a great way. Also, combine simple instructions such as "Come!" with a sound. For example, you can call your pup when it's their meal time and knock on their food bowl with a spoon to make a ringing sound. This way they'll connect the sound with your instructions. Make a meal chart for them if you're a new parent or put alarms to make sure to feed your pup at the same time every day.

These are some simplest ways that you can train your puppy. You can even hire a qualified professional to train them at home. But, at the end of the day, it's about having fun with your furry friend and showering them with loads of love! Go slow and refrain from overburdening your pup because that can hurt them emotionally. Follow these simple ways and don't forget to have some quality time with them.


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