Kennels & why it’s more important to adopt than just buy dogs.

Kennels & why it’s more important to adopt than just buy dogs.
Why Kennels Aren't a Healthy Way for Dogs.  
Importance of Adopting a Dog rather than Buying one.

Keeping puppies and adult dogs in kennels or crates was considered a way to develop healthy habits for puppies and correct behavioural issues for the adult dogs. Although this practice is still followed, it is highly detrimental for the mental as well as the physical health of dogs. Imagine being caged for a mistake? Or being caged to fix your behavior? It'll be unbearable. Then how can we accept the fact that keeping dogs in caged surroundings is a good choice, just to accommodate our schedules or correct their behaviour? 

There are various factors that are proof that keeping dogs in kennels or crates is not a good idea. Stated below are a few:


Crating or caging them fixes their behavioural issues- is a myth! Inturn it doesn't fix the issue, it accelerates it instead. When a doggo is caged and made to remain stuck in the same surroundings with occasional breaks to do "the business", it's frustrating and leads to resentment and aggression in many cases.


Keeping the dogs caged or in kennels interrupts with their natural growth. As they are stuck in a fixed space, their growth is not like that of a healthy dog. They might be physically growing in size but they won't be healthy. They're trained to hold the need to pee or poo for longer hours, which is unhealthy for their wellbeing and may lead to kidney dysfunction or other serious health issues.


Dogs are social animals and they love affirmation, love and praise from their owner or caretaker. Caging them is a clear signal of dejection for them, which aims directly at their mental health. Caged doggos are not happy doggos.  

It may cause them anxiety, eating disorders, aggression, obsessive licking and hyperactivity.


Long hours in the kennels makes them unacceptable to the natural surroundings, humans as well as their fellow animals. They tend to behave aloof and prefer to be isolated. Some may even develop an outburst of energy (hyperactivity) which can also be challenging to handle for the owners, as the dog won't listen to their commands in such a situation. Separation anxiety is often experienced by dogs kept in kennels or cages.

With changing times, there's been a great change of mindsets as well. Adopting dogs rather than buying is a sensible choice many of us have and are making to be the changing energy for the doggos. Adopting them not only saves them from unacceptable, forced circumstances which are of course unhealthy for their health & wellbeing but it also gives them a safe space to be and bond!

Adopt a pet to be their home. They need love, care and attention to live a happy life. Kennels or shelter homes either don't have the facilities, funds or manpower to take care of them as much as a parent can. Although there are various organizations and individuals that are putting their best foot forward to help create a healthy environment for them but majority of the places are nothing less than a butcher house with numerous dogs clamped up together in a single cage.  

Adopt a pet. Be their home!  

Please note, these are some simple tricks suggested to monitor your household pets' health. These tips should, under no circumstances, be taken or followed as medical advise. In case your pet is facing any concerning issues, we always recommend that you get in touch with your vet for proper medical guidance. Happy Pawrenting!


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