Know About These Dog Breeds

Know About These Dog Breeds


The practice of breeding dogs has existed since the prehistoric era. One of the primary methods for early-age dog breeders used to be breeding wolves in order to create domestic dogs. 

For many years, dogs were bred with physical and mental traits in mind in order to best suit the work that was expected of them. From hunting to guarding and herding, they performed all activities, and slowly but steadily, their relationship transformed and they were soon to be called "man’s best friend." 

Since the inception of breeding owing to hunting requirements, most dogs have carried a common characteristic of hunting while also being great companions, energetic and loving. If you are looking to finally share your space with a little wagger and shower them with loads of cuddles and love, or if you are simply curious, you have landed at the right place. Here are some dog breeds and their special character traits, with a little bit of history that can help you build a better understanding of their personalities.  


The Sporting Group: 

Those who belong to the category of sporting group were primarily bred to be a hunter’s best sidekick. Their main work is to assist with catching and figuring out the locations of birds and possible prey for hunters.  

Dog breeds like spaniels and retrievers fall into the category of Sporting Dogs.  Retrievers are especially skilled at swimming and specialise in waterfowl like ducks. Spaniels, also known as setters, are known as pointing breeds because of their expertise in hunting and other games like finding birds in the grasslands. 

All sporting dogs are naturally active, alert, have balanced temperaments, and have sharp instincts. Sporting dogs are very lovable, happy, and grounded pets. Their jolly and active nature adds the perfect zing to families. But be prepared because they are highly energetic and alert dogs which means that they’ll need a fair share of exercise and outdoor time. 

The Hound Group:  

Since the invention of dog breeding was done to initially serve the purpose of hunting, the Hound Group was also used for hunting and classified as Sporting Dogs.  

Further on, the American Kennel Group suggested the Hound Group as an entirely different category with the aim of including dogs that have specifically been bred to pursue warm-blooded quarry, such as rabbits, raccoons etc.  

There are various categories of Hound Dogs like the Scent hounds, who are responsible for using their sense of smell to track game. Another one includes the Sight hounds who typically rely on a larger field of vision and have the speed for a hunt. 

But times have changed, and hunting isn’t a primary motive for fellow humans anymore. Apart from their special character traits, this breed is also very considerate, charming, and affectionate which makes them loyal companions and friendly pets. Dogs like the Beagle, Dachshund and Greyhound fall into this category. 

The Toy Breed:  

They are adorable, they are loving and unlike most of the breeds that were bred for hunting, the Toy Breed served another purpose. 

They make great companions, and their small stature makes them equally adorable. If you are someone who lives in an apartment or has limited space, the Toy Breed might just be what you are looking for in your pet.  

They are intelligent, sociable, and full of energy, and despite their small stature, many do have strong protective instincts and big personalities. Some of them are the Chihuahua, Japanese Chin and Maltese.  


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