Facts About Siberian Husky

Facts About Siberian Husky


With those glorious eyes, majestic build & beautiful fur, Siberian Huskies are truly regal. They are also great companions with high energy levels & are possibly the most interactive dog breeds. Every dog lover must have seen enough adorable videos of a Husky communicating with their parents & some even singing along to tunes they like! Indeed, they also make excellent working dogs, because they were originally bred to help the Chukchi people of Siberia hunt more efficiently. Let’s take a deeper look into their lifestyle & eating habits. Here are some interesting answers to popularly asked questions about Huskies:

1. Where did they originate from?

As their name suggests, Siberian Huskies are from Siberia. Their story begins about 3,000 years ago when the Chukchi people, a semi-nomadic tribe in Siberia, chose to expand their hunting grounds & needed a little help pulling their sledges over such long distances. So, they set out to breed the ideal sledge dog which would require some serious endurance, a thick, winter-bearing coat to protect them from subzero temperatures, and the ability to survive on minimal food. This gave birth to the Chukchi dog breed which is a distant relative to today's modern huskies.

2. What is their weather tolerance?

Because they find their origins in places with cold climates, Siberian Huskies are always prepared for the harshest of winter weather. They have a double coat, consisting of a very thick, short undercoat that helps them retain body heat, they also have a long outer coat that's resistant to water. Their eyes are almond-shaped which offers protection from loose snow & strong sunlight.

3. Are they a fan of the outskirts?

If you want to have a Husky as your pet, be prepared for a tonne of exercise! They have a high amount of energy & stamina which makes them fairly athletic. This energy rush has bestowed them with the title of an escape artist. This means that one needs to keep a watch on them & provide them with ample care, playtime & fun activities to keep the explorer in them subdued. How you wish to achieve that is up to you & your lil mate whether you choose to walk, swim, run, play, or even sledge.

4. How much maintenance does their coat require?

The Siberian Huskies are naturally clean doggos with a dense coat that protects them against cold weather. It’s very low maintenance & does not require any clipping or trimming. The coat does have a shedding period at least once a year, but the shedding can be kept under control with frequent brushing during that time.

5. Are they friendly? What kind of environment do they prefer?

Well, they have got their tough looks along with wolf-like appearance but Huskies are supremely friendly! They are capable of being your best friend & it will be wholesome to have a furry family member with a wagging tail around, it will bring abundant joy! But it’s only feasible to have a Husky if you live in a place with cooler temperatures, & have a backyard or a park nearby for them to play around.

So, if you are thinking of welcoming a new member in the house & it’s a Husky, you are in for a fun, talkative journey full of cuddles! Take note of the suitable environmental conditions for them owing to their warm coat & you are in for a beautiful friendship


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