How To Train Your Pet

How To Train Your Pet


Pet training is a vital part of every pet's growing up journey. But to make it fun and enjoyable is the pet parent's responsibility. This blog post will take you through some of the things that you need to know before starting off to train your pet.  

We got in touch with the well qualified trainers at the Star Dog Training Center and here's how they plan the different training sessions for pets: 

There are various stages of training, beginning with Basic Training, progressing to Intermediate Training, and finally to Advanced Training, that help pets adapt to their surroundings and gel with other pets and parents. 

The Basic Training includes training the pet to follow simple commands such as

  • Walk (Heel) 
  • Sit 
  • Stay 
  • Get Up 
  • Come 
  • No 

Intermediate training involves commands such as 

  • Down 
  • Sleep 
  • Roll 
  • Kroll 
  • Fetch & Drop
  • Second & Salute 
  • Welcome Salute 

The Advanced training becomes a little rigorous and involves teaching the pet to follow instructions such as Guarding and Super explosive.  

The Star Dog Training Centre is doing some incredible work to train pets. It was founded in the year 1990 and since then it's been a renowned name that gives beginner as well as extensive training to pets.  

Additionally,they also shared some tips with us to bring into practice to improve the pet's behavior and enhance their mood and also help train them better. These are as follows: 


Pets who socialize more are happier and more friendly. They can easily adapt to changes and grasp instructions more quickly than pets who are antisocial or made to live under restricted circumstances.  


Introduce activities such as long walks, picnics, park visits, hangout with fellow pets etc into your pets routine to keep them active and involved.  


Even the pets love a little change in their routine. Take them for a walk in the park, a pool party or throw a pet party at home with all their favourite munchies to gorge on.  

These handy tips will not only enhance your pet's training skills but also assist them to grasp instructions faster because a happy pet is a loving pet.  

The Star Dog Training Center is definitely the place to enrol your buddy to help sharpen their skills and train them aptly. 

You can contact Star Dog Training Center at 9212791083 for more information.


Please note, these are some simple tricks suggested to monitor your household pets' health. These tips should, under no circumstances, be taken or followed as medical advise. In case your pet is facing any concerning issues, we always recommend that you get in touch with your vet for proper medical guidance. Happy Pawrenting!


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