Anti Anxiety Pet Ear Muffs 2.0 (For Diwali, Weddings etc.)

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Anti Anxiety Pet Ear Muffs 2.0 (For Diwali, Weddings etc.)


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● All New and improved Anti Anxiety Earmuffs 2.0 for Pets have been re-designed with a much thicker finish, especially for pets who are extra sensetive to extreme noises like those from Thunder, Firecrackers or Wedding Celebrations. Additionally these can also be used for your pets' spa sessions to help them tackle the loud noises from the dryers.

● Created in 2 standard sizes. Small size for all Small pet breeds and Large size for all Big pet breeds.

● Made from Cotton fabrics with a high percentage of spandex, extremely stretchable for easy and comfortable fit, so they are easy to wear and remove.

● Additionally, these can also help long-eared dogs keep ears clean during eating.

● Perfect for occasions like Diwali, Thunders, Weddings, Spa etc.

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Crafted for the anxious fur buddies who have sensitive hearing. Loud noises can trigger anxiety for pets, wearing our ear muffs can help drown the loud noises and have a calming effect on most pets.

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Made with fine Cotton fabric with just the right blend of spandex, super-combed and bio-washed for softness and comfort. Ethically sourced, our Pet merchandise is made from all natural cotton and printed with all organic water based inks to avoid any kind of chemicals coming into contact with your beloved companion.

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