Cat Parenting 101

Cat Parenting 101

If you have just encountered your EUREKA moment and have taken the most amazing decision to adopt a little kitten for yourself, we have loads to share with you! Firstly, welcome to the Catto world, you are in heaven! Secondly, all the best for entering the cat parent shoes and we know you are going to ace it! Here are a few Cat Parenting tips & tricks that can help establish a better relationship between you and your ball of fur!

1. Set Up Your Cat’s Room:

This is one of the best ways to create a healthy and amicable environment for your cat. They need to be able to feel a sense of attachment to their new territory and having a designated space can help them adjust better to the new environment.

2. Help Them With Socialization:

This involves accustoming your cat used to new things which can involve new sights, sounds, and smells. This will make their experience better and you can do so by firstly adding a sense of comfort in their mind by gently caressing their paws, ears, belly and tail. Once settled, you can slowly introduce them to other friendly humans and cat-friendly pets, if possible.


3. Don’t Think Of Your Cat As An Anti-Social:

There exists a general categorisation of pets wherein, cats are considered anti social but as a cat parent, you need to make every effort to help them open up. Though they generally love to chill on their own they too, have bouts of needs where they want attention from you, give them the needful. Engage in playtime with your catto, hang out with them outdoors with a watchful eye and cuddle with them. This is important, especially for kittens between 2-12 weeks of age.


4. Know The Likes And Dislikes Of Your Furry Friend: 

As you both start to co-exist together, your cat will start to open up and vocally claim their likes and dislikes for eg: eating habits, sleeping patterns, favourite spots, and sounds that might trigger them.
Take a note of them because there can be a few things that might make them anxious. Especially, when they are in their carrier because they might hurt themselves in that closed space their needs aren’t tended to.


5. Choose A Veterinarian And Cat Sitter: 

The very first requirement of finding the right vet or sitter is that both should be close by, in case of emergency. It is also because some cats don’t like to travel a lot and having someone at a nearby distance can be of great advantage.
Ask other fellow cat parents about the same, do your share of internet research to find the right vet and ask them about all the health-related queries. For a sitter, you can look online or reach out to trusted people on social media and you might find THE SITTER on days when you have to be out and about.

Following these simple tips can actually help strengthen your relationship with your cat and can ensure they are attended to when in need. We wish you all the luck & we are certain you will rock as a cat parent. As for their Cat-Attires and other goodies you can always explore through our website and bring the best of things for your new favourite entity in the whole world!

Please note, these are some simple tricks suggested to monitor your household pets' health. These tips should, under no circumstances, be taken or followed as medical advise. In case your pet is facing any concerning issues, we always recommend that you get in touch with your vet for proper medical guidance. Happy Pawrenting!


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