Fun Things To Do With Pets This Summer

Fun Things To Do With Pets This Summer

Summers are THE time to make plans and have all the fun activities with your pets. When the sun is out, the adrenaline is high and the vibe is right, head out for a memorable unwinding time for yourself and your best buddy.  
We've listed some amazing ideas for you to do this summer, in case you've run out of ideas. Read on to find out.

Head Out For A Pool Party

Head for a pool party with your best bud this summer and soak in the fun! Pool parties are the best bet when it comes to chilling in the sun. We are sure there must be lots of places near you that organise these parties on a regular basis.

Plan A Day Out  

You can pack some light snacks and step out for a picnic with your furry buddies. Don't forget to dress them up in their favorite tee!  
Check out some quirky and super cool choices for your furry BFF's here 
You can play Frisbee, fetch the ball, and other games while you soak in the sun. Do wear your SPF! Even if you love tanned skin.  

Go Hiking

Surprised enough? You can do that at some of the popular hiking trails around the outskirts of your city that might have some hilly terrains to offer! And if you want a real adventure, then plan a getaway with your furry buddy at one of the hill stations near your city.  

Cook Your Buddy's Favourites

This one is so much fun! Ever thought of home prepared treats for your buddy? Oh, this one wins all the brownie points for sure. And your pet is going to love it so much. Try out some pet friendly meals, or even desserts this summer to kick start the party! You can even experiment with a pet-friendly mojito.

Visit A Pet-Friendly Cafe Together

Nowadays every city is flooded with so many awesome cafes and restaurants where you can take your pet along with. And there are places that even serve a pet-special menu. So, as your furry bud is busy playing with the co-furry buddies, grab a meal for yourself too and enjoy the summer afternoon.  

Organise A Movie Night On Your Rooftop

This one doesn't need much explanation! It just sounds so much fun already.  
You can set up a cozy corner for you, your furry friends and other friends on the rooftop, get the projector in place, bring in everyone's favourite munchies and voila! Enjoy the movie night with some extra popcorn.  

Go For A Long Drive

It's always a breath of fresh air to head out for a long drive. It's something most pets and humans enjoy likewise. This never gets old! And even if it does, it always finds it way back into the list of top activities with your pets. 

Take Them For A Spa Session

You can either choose to home groom your pet with some store bought fancy stuff or, take them to a Pet Spa near you to give them a refreshing break from the summer heat. 

Whatever you plan to do this summer with your pet make sure to pour them loads of love, cuddles and pampering from our side too!  

Coz' cuddle times are the best times, no matter the season.  

Please note, these are some simple tricks suggested to monitor your household pets' health. These tips should, under no circumstances, be taken or followed as medical advise. In case your pet is facing any concerning issues, we always recommend that you get in touch with your vet for proper medical guidance. Happy Pawrenting!


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